Tips: Preventing Some Types of Head Injuries

Prevention is always better than cure. This statement is especially true with head personal injuries and accidents. Head injuries and accidents are very dangerous and may bring permanent damages to the brain or the head as well as lead to disabilities or death. Luckily, personal injury head injuries and accidents may be prevented by following these simple tips:  Go here for a personal injury lawyer 

  • Get to know all the possible causes of head injuries or accidents.

If you arm yourself with knowledge on the possible causes of head injuries or accidents, you will be able to devise plans on how to avoid them. This will keep your chances or risks of meeting a personal injury involving head injuries or accidents slim.

  • Take extra care and caution if you are involved in activities that present the highest chances of getting a head personal injury.

Some of the most common causes of an accident or injury to the head involve sporting activities, car accidents, and firearm accidents as well as drug or alcohol related cases, which results to head injuries. It would pay off if you take extra precautions especially if you often deal with these instances. That includes using the seat belt whenever you drive and not doing high risk activities if you are under medications that may cause dizziness or if you are under the influence of alcohol. You should also wear proper gear like high quality helmets if you are doing sports like cycling or skiing.

  • Ensure safety at home.

Some personal injury head injuries or accidents may also happen at home. If you have stairs at home, it would be beneficial to make routine checks so you may know if there are any broken steps needing repair as broken steps may lead to falls that will result to head injuries. Try installing hand railings along staircases as well as in the bathroom. This will minimize the chances of experiencing slips and falls. You may also use mats, which are non-slip in areas of the house where water is always used like in the bathroom and the kitchen. Always clean and de-clutter the house especially walkways and stairs to avoid random slips and falls. Houston personal injury lawyer

  • Keep firearms hidden in safe places and always unload them.

If firearms are loaded and accidentally fired, it may cause head injuries or accidents with permanent effects. Always keep them unloaded, store them in safes or cabinets, and always lock them so not everyone can easily access them.

  • Avoid sports or activities that involve head-to-head contact.

Other people enjoy skull-bashing activities. However, little do they know that these head-to-head activities may cause lasting damages and injuries to their heads. Always avoid these kinds of activities and sports so you can slim down your chances of getting fractured skull and other head injuries.

Most head injuries and accidents could be prevented as long as you will follow the tips and advices as well as initiate some steps on how to protect yourself against personal injury head injuries. Understand how the injuries may happen and practice taking caution. This will ensure that you will be far off from injuries that can threaten your life or your health.

Types of Damages For Injuries Claims

Helpful Tips On Vehicle Accidents

1 Try travelling with ample time in your hands.

If you don’t have enough time when going in a specific destination, you will probably tend to drive faster than usual. This is very risky specially at night. You must always set sufficient time for driving when going out. If you properly calculate any delays that may happen in traffic, you’ll have plenty of time to reach your destination so you won’t have to drive too fast. You may avoid personal injury from car accidents and get to your location on time if you follow this.

1 Make sure that your head facing straight.

It may seem unusual to you, however this is really beneficial suggestion if car accidents occur. Keeping your head facing straight, even if you’re sensing a car accident is going to occur, may help you prevent personal injury. You may receive spinal injuries in your neck and back if you turn your head in the moment the impact occurs. Just face straight and rest your head in the headrest. Lean against the car seat and relax your back and shoulders.

2 If you reside in a sunny region or when it is sunny when you drive, use sunglasses

Sun glares may lead to a car accident. You can avoid this from occurring if you use sun glasses. Apart from ensuring the sun glares won’t result in a car accident personal injury, you’ll look professional and fascinating.

3 Your car ought to be routinely maintained.

In case you maintain your vehicle routinely, you will preserve it in a fine condition and will be able to use it more time. And, most significantly, you may even avoid a car accident.

o Always check your automobile tires. Keep your tires inflated adequately. Keep to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that you aren’t missing anything regarding properly inflating your car tires. It’s also advisable to check the tread often.

o Assess the condition of your car breaks. Breaks are crucial in car accident prevention. Check the breaks often. You should go to a automobile shop and have your breaks adjusted if you notice something is wrong with these. This will give you better control over your vehicle.

4 Stay updated on the places that car accidents have occurred

It would be smart if you were updated on the areas of car accidents. You may use this information when you’re preparing to go out for a drive. You can either change routes, drive extra safely, and others to ensure that you won’t be a victim of personal injury from car accidents.

If you keep all these reminders in mind, you’ll be able to avoid being associated with a car accident. Arriving at your desired destination in one piece is something you can be assured of. When you know which route is the most suitable before getting into your automobile you’ll be able to drive your vehicle without pressure and without needing to increase your speed.

Helpful Guidelines On Avoiding Personal Injuries From Truck Accidents

Many people do not know that personal injuries from truck accidents can be prevented. Truck accidents are not just about other negligent drivers, there’s also controllable elements that can be managed to avoid truck injuries from accidents. The fundamental idea that truck drivers as well as non-truck drivers should remember is safety driving. You can save your life, the ones you love and folks on the road if you practice this approach.

Non-truck drivers tips

· Avoid “No zones” if you are on the road

No zones are locations around the truck where the trucker will be unable to see your automobile or vehicle in his side mirrors.

· Cutting off trucks isn’t a good habit.

Trucks are extremely heavy, even without having any cargo on board, so it is very hard for these to make sudden stops or perhaps turns. Therefore, cutting off trucks isn’t such a good idea. Drivers who enjoy to cut off can stop suddenly and make the truck’s trailer to swirl and endanger people’s lives.

· Trucker may be giving you some kind of sign, thus stay focused

You should pay attention to any signals other drivers are giving, mainly truckers. These signals are employed as a non-spoken communication about what is happening on the road, like truck trying to pass, turn or even change a lane.

· You should always be leaving sufficient space between you and the truck

When driving a car behind a truck at all times allow ample space between you and the truck. Don’t tail the truck very closely particularly when the highway is wet, when it is raining, or snowing.

· Notify authorities when required.

When you observe a reckless or unsafe actions from the trucker, get in touch with highway safety personnel to enable them to make a necessary action against that driver.

Advice for truckers

· Look at the road all the time.

Any unnecessary actions that can deviate your focus on driving should be eliminated. Always keep your eyes on the road.

· Don’t drive after drinking or drive sleepy.

These are typical causes of truck accidents resulting in further personal injury to victims. Every truck driver should refrain from driving when being drunk. By no means drive while being sleepy. Pull over a safe area and take a little nap or sleep.

· Keep in mind that what you are driving a car isn’t an ordinary vehicle.

Trucks are hard to drive, they’re more heavy and can’t move around quickly. What you’re driving a car is no typical vehicle. Drive exclusively on the required speed limit and don’t drive too fast because it could be more challenging for you to break if you are going too quickly.

· Take care of your truck appropriately.

Make sure that your truck is taken care of properly. This way, you are certain that your truck is in the best shape for the road.

Airplane Injury: When You Should Push For A Personal Injury Claim

You should take a look at what exactly are your legal rights after suffering an airplane personal injury. As a result, you are able to figure out is it possible to push for a case under personal injury related to airplane accident. You are eligible to file an injury claim if you have experienced the next:

1 You’ve sustained an airplane injury but you weren’t fully reimbursed for all your expenses relevant to the accident. Medical bills, damage to property, probable loss of income and emotional pain are only some of the expenses which can be made after an airplane accident.

2 When your claim has been postponed by the insurance carrier , you are able to file a personal injury lawyer claim

3 If the insurance provider fails to recognize the neglectful party’s legal responsibility and also turns down the claim, you can push for a claim.

4 It’s also possible to push for an insurance claim if the accident could not be paid by the insurance provider of the neglectful party.

5 In addition, make sure that you push for a personal injury claim if the accountable party doesn’t have insurance policy or isn’t backed up by any insurance provider.

Always remember that filing for an injury claim would be a lot better with the help of a skilled injury lawyer. Aside from assisting you with the entire process, this person can make everything look more convenient and simpler.

What Can You Do If You Are A Victim Of Burn Personal Injury?

There are many types of injuries and burn injury is one of these. Burn personal injuries can be received at your workplace, in the school, at home, by using malfunctioning products and many others.

Getting burn personal injuries in the accident that is not your fault

Depending on the seriousness of the burn damage you acquired in the incident, the compensation you may get will vary. Also, the mental, psychological and physical impact of the burn, and the location of the burn will influence the value of the settlement, given that they will affect your work and way of living.

Who is accountable for the burn personal injuries the victim obtained?

What parties can be regarded as the potential offenders.

1 When burn personal injuries are acquired in a vehicle accident, the negligent driver may be the accountable party.

2 When a flawed product brought on a burn injury, a product maker or the retailer may be the liable party.

3 When burn personal injury is caused by the flawed equipment in a private or public place, the owner of the property may be the liable party.

Correct and adequate compensation is the right of every burn injury victim and any financial obligations or injuries they endured ought to be reimbursed.

Elevator Personal Injury – What May Cause This Injury?

Every single year, many hundreds if not thousands of Americans are reported to receive injuries caused by elevator accidents. Injuries that can happen involve head and back pain, bone injuries and many others. Though, there could be a number of specific factors, which may bring about elevator injury, one main reason is the cause of all of these – elevator failure resulting from poor servicing.

Bad Upkeep And Elevator Malfunction

This really is thought to be one of the more common reasons for elevator injuries. Bad maintenance and upkeep can cause elevator breakdown and people may sustain personal injuries. There are numerous organizations, private or public who aren’t able to maintain precise and good care of their elevators. Absence of proper care may cause various elevator failures like sudden stopping, door breakdowns, stuck elevator, failure to level appropriately and elevator falls. These can result in victims receiving personal injuries. There are many different injuries people can sustain through these incidents, some of them are head or back injuries, arm or leg amputations, fractures, paralysis and continual back pains.

The victims of an elevator accidents can consult a personal injury attorney to get legal assistance with their injury case, considering that elevator accidents are challenging cases. This kind of case involves certain regulatory issue knowledge in addition to safety standards. Personal injury attorneys can help a victim to understand the possible value of the recovery process and help will be offered in accident investigation.

Hospitals And Health Care Professionals Mistakes That Cause A Personal Injury

To be able to master their craft, doctors need to go through many years of study and intensive training. Nevertheless mistakes are made even by the most reliable hospitals and the greatest health professionals, such as a dentist. Although not all doctor and hospital errors can result in personal injury or give you rights to push for claim, there are common errors that should not be ignored because they can be qualified for claim filing in the court.

1 Anesthesia Related Error

This error occurs more frequently than the error that comes directly from the surgery. One of the most harmful mistakes that doctors can make is anesthesia mistake. Poor timing, incorrect anesthesia use and improper anesthesia amount may cause serious injuries like permanent heart or brain damage.

1 Childbearing and Childbirth Issues

Apart from the natural childbearing and childbirth issues that may occur, expecting mothers could also be in danger of being taken care of by medical professionals who make mistakes. It’s possible that this will occur through neglectful prenatal care. Neglect in prenatal care could lead to permanent or harmful consequences to the baby. The doctor may also go wrong when treating or diagnoses a mother during standard check-ups. Childbearing is where these mistakes fall under. When the mother gets into the childbirth phase, an additional set of mistakes can happen such as the inability to diagnose a large child leading to a distressful, hard, and risky childbirth. It can also occur that the doctor can’t manage infant distress.

2 Wrong or Late Medical diagnosis and Treatment

Mistakes like wrong or delayed medical diagnosis and treatment are severe errors for medical professionals or hospitals to spend. You or your loved one may acquire significant personal injuries or even being in risk of death in case these errors occur. What follows an incorrect diagnosis is an incorrect treatment. In this light, you might push for a personal injury claim by demonstrating that the treating doctor made a mistake.

3 Errors on Surgical procedures

These errors are certainly not so common, but they could also be used for personal injury cases. Operating table errors can be dangerous and life-threatening, no matter how small these mistakes are. Most doctors are competent and are experts in their field however they can be overworked and are therefore prone to make a mistake. Several instances of these errors are puncturing body organs, working on the wrong part of the body or even leaving a medical instrument in the patient.

4 Medication Errors

This is a common error made by the doctors. A lot of prescription drugs have similar names and may easily be mistaken for another, when they have very different purposes and uses. This can be a life threatening mistake. Extensive medical stay is the consequence of these errors and lots of people may suffer from these.

Playground Personal Injury – How To Prevent It

Playground injuries are often received by small children. There are lots of elements we can’t control to avoid a playground injury but there are numerous precautions we can make to make sure the playground personal injury can be prevented. This can be accomplished with typical teaching and reminding our children about playground safety.

1 Children ought to learn how playground equipment should be used

Every piece of playground equipment can be utilized in a specific way. Children should be educated how to use or handle the playground equipment. Small children have to be reminded how to use every piece of playground equipment by using demonstrations.

1 Educate children of the potential results of deviating far too much from the desired utilization of a piece of playground equipment.

Don’t forget to inform the small children of the outcomes an incorrect use of playground equipment may have besides teaching them how to use the playground equipment correctly. This will help them envision what to do and what not to do and can prevent sustaining possible personal injury.

2 As much as possible have playground rules and implement them.

It’s wise to make precise playground rules and explain them to the children before they enter the playground. An excellent idea is to involve the youngsters in playground rule creation. Make certain all of the small children understand the rules once the playground rules are finished.

Tips On How To Prove a Defective Product Personal Injury Claim

In case you acquired damages or personal injuries when you tried to use a particular product, it might be a smart idea to file a defective product injury claim. These types of injuries may be filed in court considering they fit into personal injury cases, therefore you may be able to get compensated. However, not many people know if their claims are legitimate or not. You need to understand the law requirements to prove your case to be able to check the validity of the claim.

Study on what a state law requires for demonstrating the validity of your claim.

This is the first thing that you should do in case you have sustained a injury from a defective product. The prerequisites needed can differ depending on your local area so it would be a sensible decision to talk to a lawyer and acquire more information on this issue.

1 Flawed And Malfunctioning Products

This is on the list of factors that you must prove to support your insurance claim. If a product carries a flaw in the design, a manufacturing error or if it does not have any warnings, it might be claimed as a faulty or defective product.

o The manufacturing oversight may be proven by checking the physical part of the product. The production error may cause deformities even on relatively new products.

o If compared to the manufacturing miscalculation, malfunctioning design is tough to prove. This may entail you to give demonstrations why the design and style may pose hazard, danger, or injury to end users.

o Producer’s failure in adding a warning sign is another factor to prove a malfunctioning product. If your injury was acquired as a result of harmful quality of the product and there were no indicators or labels about it, it may be proven how the product was malfunctioning.

1 Product Flaw result in Personal injuries, Damages or Losses

When you prove how the product is faulty, you have to prove that the injuries you sustained have been brought on by the malfunctioning product. It is a little more easier to prove.

2 Existence of Injury, Damage or Financial Loss

You can think about this to be a major factor to prove, considering it is the major reason you are filing a personal injury claim in the first place. You should understand that if there is no actual personal injury, damage, or financial loss, your claim will not be valid.

3 Product is Used Per Instructions and as Intended

Eventually, you have to prove that you utilized the product as intended, per directions and appropriately. If you used a specific product in a inappropriate manner, you might not be able to prove your claim. One example is, you were severely burned simply because you used a hair straightener to heat your food in a foil.

Injuries In The Nursing Home Can Be Filed Under Personal Injury Claims

Nursing facilities are built to be wonderful, calm places for our much loved older people to enjoy the rest of their years serenely and happily. We expect our parents and grandparents to be taken care of in these nursing facilities while we’re away. There are many folks who try really hard to find the best nursing home for their parents and grandma and grandpa. And there’s a great number of those who have to carry out a difficult decision of leaving their seniors in the nursing home, as soon as they made sure it was the suitable nursing home for their loved ones. And since they must leave their senior citizens in a nursing home, they hope their older people will get the best possible care. But there’s a lot of mishaps related to nursing facilities. Rather than giving love and care for the older people, it becomes the reason behind the nursing home personal injuries.

There are far more than one cause for senior citizens to get nursing home personal injuries.

1 Undertrained Employees

A lot of nursing homes have staff shortage and some have to get undertrained staff though this is strictly disallowed. The employees that gets hired is usually without proper knowledge on medical responsibilities. This puts most older people at risk of meeting accidents or obtaining personal injuries. If elders meet personal injuries, they can push for a claim against the nursing home and its inexperienced staff.

1 Incorrect Medications

If senior citizens get incorrect medications, they can push for a personal injury claim under medical negligence. This might happen regardless of the staff experience and license. Since senior citizens are very fragile and might lose their health as well as lives, this is a critical issue.

2 Poor Nursing Home Facilities

Lousy facility can cause nursing home personal injury. It can happen that the elderly care facilities become shabby and inadequate when the budget is small. Fathers and mothers who are now living in these circumstances can be in danger. Given that older people have vulnerable bodies, they’re in a big danger of obtaining fractures from falls. Getting head or back injuries is also probable. These could all be counted as personal injuries and fathers and mothers or their relatives can file for an injury claim.

3 Failure to Appropriately Treat Emergencies or Diagnose Ailments

Once the employees at the nursing home can’t appropriately take care of emergency cases, patients are eligible to file a personal injury claim. The elderly are at a greater risk of getting injuries if they are misdiagnosed. These scenarios are falling under medical negligence and malpractice, which are valid for personal injury claims.

Nursing home personal injuries aren’t restricted to these cases mentioned. It would be better to familiarize yourself with these cases and use them as reference point when searching for the best nursing home for your dearly beloved. It’s going to ease your mind understanding that you choose the best possible nursing home for your elderly member of the family.

Bus Accidents – Tips On Avoiding A Personal Injury

A large number of children across the US use school buses to get to school. Every once in awhile, an incident takes place and some of these children acquire bus injuries. The cause of bus accidents differ. Even so, some measures can be carried out in order to avoid children passengers from receiving any injury.

· Be alert constantly.

It’s important to stay alert at all times. The school bus driver is just like a captain, and the bus is like a ship. As the captain of the ship, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone from the second they board the bus until they get off. It will also pay off if for example the bus driver watches for any child who may be running near bus stops or streets to avoid accidents. Reducing speed on street corners, when turning, or when backing up will also be useful in preventing a personal injury.

· Always go over safety tips.

Both fathers and mothers and school bus drivers can practice reviewing kids of some basic safety tips that will prevent them from experiencing injury. Remind kids that they must steer clear of danger zones. Always advise them to use handrails when boarding or getting off the bus and only leave once the bus isn’t moving. They shouldn’t cross over behind the school bus, remind them about that too. It’s also wise to let them know to sit down correctly while in the school bus and not to place their hands or legs outside the window.

Why Get Yourself A Personal Injury Attorney for Your Boating Injury

You can acquire a boating injury while you are using a jet ski, a private boat, a ferry, a cruise ship or some other watercraft.

The best thing you are able to do in case you or someone you know became a victim of a boating injury is to talk to a personal injury lawyer and get some legal support in your case. How come it’s important to get assistance from an injury lawyer?

1 Personal injury lawyers can assist in investigating regarding your boating injury case. These people will help in obtaining evidence, which seems to be harder in comparison to other sorts of accidents. This can also help in determining the cause of the accident to pinpoint precisely who’s to blame for the accident.

2 A lot of similar cases have already been dealt with by these attorneys previously. They will know where to start first as well as how you can get the best from the case or at the very least what you truly are entitled to as compensation. Utilizing their help, you will have much more time to recuperate and rest from your injuries.

3 The personal injury attorneys can determine precisely how much damage you acquired in the accident given that they will investigate the accident carefully. Also, they’re able to asses the way your personal injuries influence your way of life, you as a person, your job and your family. These professionals will take care of all these essential details for your benefit.

Auto mishaps occur everyday. However, a critical car incident may perhaps not just harm your motor vehicle only

A really serious car or truck incident can end result in catastrophic injuries or even a wrongful dying.

If you have been included in an auto incident, there are numerous factors that you must do:
Phone For Help – Make positive that you and any other individuals included in the car or truck incident are all appropriate. Get hold of the police so they can help in the auto incident system, and aid determine who is liable for the auto incident.
Go the Motor vehicles – If the autos included in the car or truck incident are obstructing traffic, but can be moved, transfer them out of the way so that more injury can be averted.
Collect Data – You want to get hold of all the car and speak to data from all drivers and passengers in the other autos included in the auto incident.
Do Not Make Any Admissions – A car or truck incident can depart you shaken and baffled. Normally, this effects in an unintended admission of fault. Admitting you are at fault can impair any insurance policy claim, and it might not even be accurate right after all the details have been collected.
Obtain Witnesses – If there is any one who witnessed the car or truck incident, get their speak to data. A witness testimony of your auto incident could be really beneficial during the settlement of your car or truck incident insurance policy claim.
Get hold of an Vehicle Accident Lawyer – An expert car or truck incident law firm will be a must have in helping you when filing your auto incident claim.

Unfortunately, several individuals wait around right after their auto incident to locate out if they can handle insurance policy adjusters on their own fearing a car or truck incident law firm might be way too highly-priced. This can generally end result in prices that considerably exceed the price tag of a responsible auto incident lawyer.

Also, there can be several baffling policies and laws included with filing an auto incident claim. You might have to review earlier medical records or file your claim in a particular total of time. An expert Charlotte auto incident law firm will help you throughout the full auto incident claim system.

The announcement came only four times right after Bono, 54 — authentic identify Paul Hewson — and four mates received a scare when the baggage-compartment doorway fell off his Learjet as they were traveling fifteen,000 toes above Germany. “You know, there might be a number of cows or sheep in the German countryside with a really sore head,” Bono mentioned Thursday. “We have faith in that no person was hurt, due to the fact we would have heard by now, and that was really our initially concern, ’cause we were fine.”

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Feminism Has Gone Too Far

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Limington man arrested in hit and run case

Limington man arrested in hit and run case

Publisher: WCSH-TV

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Description: … he may have struck Jackson when he saw the news report of the accident. Stevens is currently at York County Jail and has been charged with failure to report a motor vehicle crash by quickest means and leaving the scene of a personal injury vehicle

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Leominster man arraigned after two-car crash

Leominster man arraigned after two-car crash

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Tributes pour in for Texas family involved in I-20 crash

Tributes pour in for Texas family involved in I-20 crash

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San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney at The Herrera Law Firm Weighs in on …

San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney at The Herrera Law Firm Weighs in on ...

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Date Published: Mon, 17 Nov 2014 00:03:45 -0800

Description: San Antonio personal injury lawyer Jorge Herrera today said a new study about brain injuries in older people illustrates the extremely serious and complex nature of accidents involving blows to the head. Herrera's comments came in response to a

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I am John LaCava. I have been handling personal injury cases for over 25 years. One of the most important decisions that you’re going to make is selecting a lawyer to represent you. I know first-hand how difficult a serious a personal injury can be. My wife was involved in a bad automobile accident when she was run off the road by an eighteen wheeler on I-95. I still remember getting a call from a stranger who said, “Mr. LaCava, your wife has been in an accident.” And that brought home to me how important it is to have someone on your side to help deal with the insurance companies and protect your legal interests. The insurance companies have experienced lawyers on their side and so it is important to have an accomplished lawyer on yours. My firm has handled over a thousand personal injury cases and has won millions of dollars for our clients. So if you have a question about a personal injury case, I invite you to pick up the phone and call me today. The consultation is free and there is no obligation. There will be no attorneys’ fees or charges unless we win the case for you. So call me today and let’s start the conversation.


A Man Gets 15 Several years for Killing Mom

A rushing, unlicensed driver who crashed into yet another auto on the Northwest Side, killing a mother and her teenage son and injuring three other kids, was sentenced Monday to fifteen a long time in jail.
Richard Strum, 37, read a brief apology to the people devastated by the 2011 fatalities of aspiring beautician Claudia Delia, 35, and her sixteen-12 months-previous son, Bryan, a charismatic member of a Taft Significant University dance squad.

Also wounded in the crash had been Delia’s stepson, Zack Marvin, a large university sophomore whose vision and listening to had been completely damaged on the still left side of his head, forcing him to give up his dream of turning into a Marine, and Delia’s son Hauk Marvin, then 3, who broke a leg. A family members close friend, Chris Diaz, then sixteen, suffered a fractured pelvis. The team experienced been headed for an conclude-of-summer months camping journey in Wisconsin.
Strum, a Chicago resident, experienced not experienced a legitimate license given that 2003, Prepare dinner County prosecutors mentioned, but continued to travel and rack up tickets.
“This defendant experienced no enterprise getting on the highway,” mentioned Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Spizzirri in arguing for a hefty jail sentence.
Prosecutors argued that Strum was rushing to select up his girlfriend on Aug. 9, 2011, when his Ford Mustang, southbound on Austin Avenue, slammed into Delia’s Honda Civic as it pulled out from Sunnyside Avenue.
A urine take a look at observed hashish in Strum’s process, but jurors at the Leighton Legal Court docket Setting up observed him not guilty in May possibly on counts that he was impaired though driving. His attorney argued that the quantity of hashish detected was minuscule and could have occur from secondhand smoke.
Jurors, although, convicted him on several counts of aggravated DUI and reckless murder.
On Monday family members associates advised Choose James Linn that the fatalities and injuries experienced taken a horrible toll.

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